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"Happiness Is Your Birth Right"

- Yogi Bhajan

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Inside Out Approach

Connect with your inner swimmer (literally or figuratively). Soul Swimming offers a unique lifestyle that activates relives stress, anxiety and helps you unlock inner happiness by blending ancient technologies of mindset, awareness, breath-work, virtual meditation & yoga, fun rituals, use of the water element and community. In turn, we let go of control and our mind strengthens as does the immune and nervous system. A strong nervous system and clear mind is the super power for 2021.  Soul Swimming is perfect for the , every BODY. 

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I found myself trapped in a cycle of stress and overwork, struggling to find balance in my life. The weight of pressure wore down on me, making breathing difficult and causing my mind to race incessantly. My weight was up, relationships suffered, and instead of facing my inner turmoil, I buried myself in work, busy helping others, hoping to avoid the underlying issues. Unbeknownst to me, this self-imposed emotional suppression and relentless toil were taking a toll on my physical health and further disconnecting me from the world around me.

Everything changed when a medical emergency involving my husband forced the cancellation of our long-awaited anniversary vacation, leaving us with an unexpected week off from work. My husband had a stroke that impacted his vision, and he was not cleared to fly. He had a massive stroke ten years earlier and I had been a hot mess of suppressed worry and chronic fear. I was determined not to have an emotional breakdown while he was already going through a tough time. I was committed to salvaging some semblance of a vacation and not sitting home worrying, mindlessly drinking, eating, and scrolling social media.

I embarked on a self-discovery and renewal journey. I made a conscious decision to trade in Vodka for green juice and replace my habitual overthinking and frazzled state with the practice of meditation.


During this transformative week, I encountered a meditation class miles from home. When I arrived, it was in a beautiful church. I was struck by the idea that meditation would be held in a church, especially since I didn't know my religious beliefs.   I wanted to run but curiosity compelled me to try it despite feeling skeptical and out of place. While waiting for class to start, I noticed I was the only one in black workout gear, and everyone else was white. Surprisingly, the experience perfectly blended weirdness, awkwardness, and sheer brilliance. As I immersed myself in the practice, I felt an incredible release from the pent-up pressure that had burdened me for years. We exercised, sang, danced, and meditated. I hadn't used my voice like that in years; the class had a light, fun, childish vibe of sing-along music class in third grade.

Intrigued and captivated, I returned to class two more times that week, and from that point forward, I became a student for life, and it became an integral part of my journey. I discovered the magic that lies in the harmonious combination of breath, sound, meditation, and yoga within a single practice. Through this practice, I found the personal discipline I have been missing. I could show up with no problem for others but not myself.  This interpersonal discipline created a profound, fast way to heal and reconnect with myself and others on a whole new level.

Inspired by my transformation, I realized I wanted to share this extraordinary lifestyle with others searching for their path to self-discovery and healing. And so, my business was born—a place where individuals could experience the transformative power of this extraordinary lifestyle.

Our mission is to create a space of healing and growth where people can release the burdens they carry without talking and perpetuating the problem, find inner peace, and cultivate a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them. Through our unique blend of breathwork, mantra, meditation, season, and moon cycle syncing, we guide individuals through self-transformation and empowerment.

We offer a variety of classes, workshops, and retreats, each designed to help individuals unlock their true potential and live a more balanced, joyful, and authentic life. By blending ancient wisdom with modern practices, we provide a safe and nurturing environment for personal growth and self-exploration.

Join us on this incredible journey of self-discovery, and let the magic of the Soul Swimming Method guide you toward a life of inner peace, vibrant health, and profound fulfillment. Together, we can embark on a path of transformation and create a world where everyone can thrive.

Client Testimonials

“I joined Wendy for meditation one night prior to a group swim we attended together. I’ve never heard of Kundalini prior to joining her class that evening. Like everyone, my life was reaching a point of major stress. Between COVID, community activities and family I was overwhelmed. I am a registered nurse at Harborview, working in the ICU and ER which including working Covid patients. I was part of a study at the time I was trying Wendy’s classes which included wearables that would help track and monitor stress. At this point in life I was starting to have physical changes due to stress including elevation in my cholesterol. This was very unusual for me because I eat mostly plant-based diet, and I exercise regularly. I’m also height weight proportionate. The study has an additional element that included regular meditation. I remembered how amazing I felt after Wendys class, I decided to engage in meditation three times a week. I attend Wendy’s Monday and Wednesday evening yoga meditation classes as often as I can. Because my schedule didn’t always work I would do other meditation practices. Using what I have learned from Wendy I have found some great resources when I can’t attend her classes, but I must say maybe it’s the personal touch or that Wendy’s focuses on swimmers, which I am one, Wendy’s practice really resonates with me. She has even provided some personal advice for my practice. I continue to have some scheduling challenges but I try to make her classes as often as possible. Practicing kundalini with Wendy showed to decrease my physiologic response to stress and made me feel better. She helped me let go of what is not longer serving me. She has helped me relax and be able to feel in control of my life. Highly recommended Wendy as a coach yogini & guide for spiritual practice."

-Kaycie Bleep

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