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Put Your Life Into Focus

Are your stressed, anxious and or feeling irritable?

 Feel drained and yet you're not tired? 

You've checked all the boxes: the job, house, car & possibly a family 



Have you tried talk therapy, medications, church and or other modalities with little or no relief?
Does this sounds like you?


We get so wrapped up into our thoughts and physical bodies that we forget

the Trinity we are created upon 


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We will get clear on your goals, and see if we're a good fit to work together.


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Activate your inner happiness and connect with the Divine. My one-on-one coaching package includes ten one-hour weekly Zoom coaching sessions. If you choose the three month enrollment option, you will receive two bonus sessions.

What are the topics & teachings?

  • Vibrational Alignment/Emotional Guidance

  • Unlock the Cage of Rage: Tools & Tips to Navigate Anger and Use it as Motivation Versus Destruction.  Anger shows in many ways and sabotages our relationships with other, but most importantly, with ourselves.

  • A Trip Through the 7 Chakras. Learn to balance, mantras, meditations and kriyas for each chakra.

  • Pocket Guru. Reach me through messenger in between sessions for extra support. 

Bonus Breath-Work includes calming the anxious mind and how to get "fired" up and bust through procrastination.

Each enrollment includes access to the Soul Swimming membership (details below).

Membership Packages

Soul Swimmer

  • Access to the 40 Day Meditation Challenge (aligned with the astrological season)

  • Monday and Wednesday Evening Live Stream Yoga & Meditation Classes (7:30pm pst)

  • 1st & 3rd Sunday Season Rituals (7:30pm pst)

  • New & Full Moon Live Stream Classes

  • Private Facebook Group

Diving In

  • Monday and Wednesday Evening Live Stream Yoga & Meditation Classes (7:30pm pst)

  • Private Facebook Group

Image by Katie Harp

"When you don't go within, you go without. "

-Yogi Bhajan