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Create Your Alteration Station With These 3 Easy Steps

2021 is well on it's way and we've already decided this is going to be better then the last year. Have you created any space for you to just be? A place you can show up messy, sad, happy, creative or any which way without judgement? I like to call this space my Alteration Station. It's the place I go to surrender into everything and anything. The good, the bad and the ugly. I'm going to share three tips on how you can set up an alteration station so you can thrive in 2021:

1. Choose the perfect place: Trust Yourself! Stop, close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask yourself where in your home do you feel attracted to? That's it. The perfect place for your Alteration Station. I also used support of Feng Shui, downloaded a compass app to find the southeast corner of my room which is known as the "prosperity" corner. For me they were the same spot.

2. What to include: Grab a journal and pen. If you don't do anything listed below please have a journal and pen. Writing is so important for clearing stagnant emotions and opening creativity. If you'd like to build more of a space that's for you, start with a focal point in the middle something you enjoy that feels good. It's all about what "feels" right vs. the should and could. Anything that makes you feel like a kid. Items you may want to include the elements: earth (crystals), fire (candles), air (feather), and water (literal water or a shell) for grounding and inspiration. Consider include any photos of loved ones past and or present as a symbol of connection. Bring in some nature of the season pine for winter, vase of flowers or plant. I also have sage, for clearing my energy and space, I burn cedar to bring in good energies, essential oils for grounding You can do all of these or none. Again this is for you and what feels right for you.Remember to TRUST yourself!

3. Why is this Important? We want to stop the commotion and turn it into devotion aka dropping out of the head and into the heart space. We want to create a space as an invitation to take time and care for ourselves. Remember, no other person can take care of yourself like you can. At the end of the day our happiness lies in our hands. Kundalini gives us the tools to live a life of self-reliance, which shifts us out of fear into living a damn good and happy life, regardless of what is going on outside of us.

Our Meditation Challenges are starting and I want you to have a space for you show up, for you. When we continue to practice devotion over commotion, time and space will release its grip,you will start to feel and see the amazing blessings you so deserve.

Sat Nam,


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