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FULL Jeppview Cycle 1313 [PC]




Q: Are the REST and SOAP Web Services equivalents of WCF? I know there are SOAP, REST, and WCF Web Services, but I don't know if they are equivalent. Are they? I know REST uses HTTP and SOAP uses HTTP too, but are there any other differences? A: There are significant differences, but from a high level overview, they have some things in common and differ in other ways. REST has built in constraints for CRUD and other operations. You can map CRUD operations to HTTP methods, but there are a lot of other operations you cannot do through the HTTP-only web services interface. Also, REST is well suited for HTTP client and server application development. SOAP is a loose standard for defining how to use XML to encode data and define messages. SOAP does have various features and a standard method for encoding HTTP headers and such things in XML. It has a good support for client and server application development. WCF includes all three of these technologies. I would say you have to start by choosing a technology. Perhaps you can build on WCF technologies to integrate the different technologies into your applications. Q: When should a user be notified that an action is going to be taken? This is a general question about getting feedback to users when an action is going to be taken. For example, I have a user that is missing a parent account on the website. I will add the parent account and then it will trigger a workflow, and it will generate a confirmation page to be opened by the user. Should the user get notified to check the workflow, or is this the responsibility of the system, in which case, how should this be handled? Personally, I'm a fan of direct notifications. When you click the workflow that requires the parent, send a direct notification to the user. It doesn't matter where you put the notification in the workflow. The user may or may not open the email, but that can be dealt with if it happens. Also, if you are using Process Builder, you can send the notification to the user via Process Builder and not have to leave the record or workflow. About this mod is a tiny mod that allows you to merge the thumbnail and the image of your choice and also allows you to change the quality of the thumbnail with your own choice. Requirements DLC requirements DLC name Fallout 4




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FULL Jeppview Cycle 1313 [PC]

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